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Garment rails for use in a commercial environment need to be sturdy and robust. We pride ourselves that our garment rails are just that. Our basic rails, shown here below, offer a range of solutions, but we are also able to supply a flexible garment rail option that can be adapted for your own particular needs and can include hooks, draws, tote boxes etc.

The garments rails can also be designed so that you can change the configuration of your particular rails and accessory storage to suit, for example, the changes of the season of the year or the range of products that you are currently stocking.   


Accessory rail
Availability: Made to order – contact us for an expected lead time
Delivery:     Free Delivery

Product Description

This accessory rail has a moveable rail for adjusting to a number of different heights. It also comes with corner bumpers and swivel castors.



Length: 1000mm | Width: 540mm | Height: 1870mm


Diameter: 100mm | Type: 2 Braked + 2 Braked & Swivel


Daddy Rail 0.9m

Product Description

This simple clothing rail comes with 4 x swivel castors and a strong



Width: 51cm | Length: 90cm | Height: 182cm


Diameter: 100mm | Type: Swivel

hammerite finish. This rail is available in 3 different lengths.         



Large Zinc Plated Garment Rail

Product Description

This garment rail comes with a high quality zinc plated finish and 4 x swivel castors. The BT59 comes with an adjustable height rail.



Height 1620mm | Width 485mm | Length 1220mm


Size: 125mm diameter | Type: Swivel


Order 5 or more and receive our BULK DISCOUNT | Call our sales team for more information

Pre-retail rail

This rail was designed to hold plastic totes full of stock, size cubes and hangers.

Stock is taken out of the storage totes and put onto hangers with the correct size cube fitted to the hanger.



Tables for folding clothes can be made in a variety of sizes, and materials to suit the store design.



Accessory rails can be supplied with fixed or adjustable levels so that you can maximise storage of different sized items.


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